Photos sell homes, and no photo is more important than the exterior shot that will be associated with your home’s MLS listing. The chances are that this is the first image most people will see when either looking at your portfolio or property images in a real estate window. The outside is everything; it is what determines, in most cases, whether people wish to look at the rest of a property.


When it comes to more permanent "distractions" shall we say, like water towers or power lines and cables, I would suggest that we include them, although again it is up to you.


By removing them, you are liable for giving misinformation or falsely portraying a property with a view to selling. It can open up a can of worms and create some very irate clients.

This will not do your future any good so I suggest that honesty is the best policy here!

If you have any questions in regards to this, please reach out.